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Policy Memo for President Elected in 2020 and related press release (Oct. 26, 2020)

Letter to President Obama (Mar. 30, 2015) and press release (Apr. 2, 2015)

Letter to President Obama & press release urging no cluster munition use in Syria (Aug. 29, 2013) 

Letter from U.S. Senators Feinstein and Leahy to Ireland's Ambassador O'Ceallaigh, President of the Dublin negotiations (May 29, 2008)


The New York Times, "Syria: The civilian toll of cluster munitions" (Dec. 21, 2012)

"Cluster bombs: an explainer" (Nov.16, 2012)

"Lebanon: Death is in the fields" (Apr.5, 2011)

"Eradicating weapons that keep on killing" (Feb. 16, 2009)

ICRC, "Convention on Cluster Munitions: Time to Act" (Oct. 27, 2008)


See the Flickr site of the Cluster Munition Coalition


Cluster Munition Monitor 2016 - U.S. ban policy profile

Convention on Cluster Munitions

Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic 

Human Rights Watch


See the resources available from the Cluster Munition Coalition, such as this infographic and avatar

Chicago Tribune (Dec. 2008)